Advantages of an SEO Consultant: Effective and Up-to-date Practices

Although digital marketing and a social media presence are both important factors for any Sydney business, it is still a fact that a lack of modern SEO techniques will deflate any campaign before it ever reaches its intended target audience. Internet marketing has changed in many ways when compared to the past few years. What may have worked well previously could very well be outdated today. How has this arena evolved and why are professional SEO services in Sydney so important?

SEO Consultants

Going Organic

One of the most interesting recent trends is that clients are no longer enticed by paid advertisements. The “organic” search result has now taken centre stage. To illustrate this fact, it has been shown that 35 per cent of all organic clicks lead to the top three positions on a search engine results page. What does this signify? In essence, these figures point out that proper SEO now needs to focus upon addressing the client as opposed to appeasing a search engine or achieving high pay-per-click rates.

Throwing Out “Black Hat” Techniques

In the past, keyword stuffing and similar practices were able to provide a website with higher listings. As this was unfair at best, Google has now prohibited such practices. Not only must a portal be transparent, but it needs to adhere to all of the latest algorithmic rules. Considering that no less than 93 per cent of all online purchases begin with a search engine, the importance here becomes clear.

A trained SEO consultant is aware of how these rules need to be implemented. He or she will be able to recommend efficient practices alongside turnkey solutions that are moulded around the unique needs of the business in question. For the Sydney enterprise that is not satisfied with being the second best, this professional knowledge base is tantamount to success.

Many managers and entrepreneurs need to remain focused on the core competencies of their enterprise. Outsourcing SEO strategies to skilled online marketers like those at Go Local Marketing is therefore an excellent way to increase exposure while not sacrificing the time and energy that would otherwise be necessary with in-house operations. Such consultancy services can very well represent the hub of any successful Sydney company.

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