Get Ahead of the Competition Using a Local Digital Marketing Agency

The last 20 years has seen a massive change in the way we live, socialise, and do business. With the digital revolution still in its infancy, technology and practises continue to improve, expand, and grow at an alarming rate. Nowhere more so than in the internet business sector.

The greater number of people world-wide buying smartphones and tablets has had a large effect on the amount of online purchasing now being carried out by consumers. In the United States alone, nearly $30 billion dollars will be spent by companies in 2015 on mobile advertising, and much of that on LOCAL mobile advertising using a digital marketing agency.


While the internet theoretically allows small businesses to compete with the big players, little is to be gained from a small local bricks and mortar or online business trying to compete globally with big multi-nationals. As a business based in Sydney, it seems logical to target digital marketing to the local area to increase brand awareness.

To get the best return on investment from your advertising budget, working with a digital marketing company should include optimising your website for local searches, while including print advertising in local newspapers, periodicals, and trade journals. Word of mouth referrals are still the most effective way of increasing interest in company products and services, but to do so, consumers need to find your company where they mostly do the searching: on the Internet.

As a local business, your marketing strategy needs to be both mobile friendly, and optimised for local consumers. If you have a small specialist business, or offer services unique to your area, having a website with company details, address and contact number is not all that is required. As with all forms of marketing, a properly thought out strategy is needed.

Knowing your market is paramount. Targeting prospective customers, and turning that traffic into new clients requires a mix of effective marketing. While a properly optimised website is the portal to your business, social media platforms, when used effectively, can provide large increases in traffic. With the emphasis on LOCAL, seeking out local events, charity days, and other events pertaining to your business on social media pages, will provide the highest returns.

Whether small or medium, if your business relies on local consumers to drive it, then a local digital marketing agency like Go Local Marketing, using all the tools available, is the only logical way to ensure you maximise knowledge of products, services, and brand awareness.

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