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Pay per Click and AdWords Remarketing Services

There is more to claiming visibility on search engines than using search engine optimisation. If used correctly, ads can be a powerful tool in increasing one’s presence on the Web and helping customers find their way back to a previously-visited business website. When used with other internet marketing techniques, ads can enhance a user’s experience—provided that they are created and published in a tasteful and strategic manner.

For internet ads that help add to your marketing on the Internet, you can rely on Go Local Marketing. We create pay per click and AdWords remarketing ads for your business to use. This service will be indispensable to those businesses looking to boost their presence on the Internet beyond what search optimisation can provide.

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The Basics of Pay per Click and Remarketing Ads

Pay per click ads are advertisements that appear on search engine results pages in prominent spots (usually at or near the top). Remarketed ads, on the other hand, are banner ads that appear on the Google Display Network whenever users leave a website to search through another—the remarketed ad redirects users back to the previous site. To craft both types of ads for Google, marketers use Google’s AdWords function to let the ads appear for certain keywords.

The Value of Pay per Click and Remarketing Ads

Search engine optimisation can deliver results for your business, but it might be a wise idea to diversify your marketing tactics. Pay per click advertisements not only claim the top spot of any search engine results page, but will also only cost you for every time they are clicked. This makes pay per click ads one of the more cost-effective marketing solutions you can rely on.

On the other hand, remarketing ads can play a vital role in closing transactions and making sales. Your customers are sure to browse through many sites aside from yours to find the best options. To increase their chances of returning to your site to purchase your goods or services, a remarketed ad can be incredibly useful in a pinch.

How We Can Help You

If you are looking into Google’s AdWords service for pay per click and remarketed ads, let us handle it all for you. We can set up an account for you, then conduct preliminary research on your target market to find what keywords they use in their searches. After finding out the best possible keywords, we create a campaign and ad group to manage your advertisements. Let us allocate enough funds to pay for your ads every time they are clicked, and constantly tweak your ads to better target the right customers.

We do not stop at just creating and managing your ads. We can track how successful your ads are converting customers, and even conduct split testing to determine which web properties appeal best to consumers. Our team can handle your remarketing needs, and make sure that the ads are prominent enough to entice customers to come back to your site.

For more information about Go Local Marketing’s services, or to set up an appointment with one of our experts, you can visit our contact page and fill out the form.