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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is a crucial online marketing method that focuses on pushing your website to the top of organic or unpaid search engine results. Its fundamental purpose is to ensure that potential clients easily find you whenever they search the internet for products or services you are offering. As a business owner, investing in SEO is the best way to make your website visible to your target market.

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The Benefits of SEO

Nowadays, all businesses – regardless of size or industry – need SEO in making their online presence known. Optimisation is so pivotal to the success of any online marketing, making it a very important source of leads especially when a more advanced SEO campaign is employed. Trial or basic SEO has a conversion rate of 2%, while a full-blown and long-term SEO campaign has a 10% average conversion rate. Simply put, a campaign fully grounded in the principles and practices of SEO can lead to a boost in site traffic and an increase in sales.

To find out how exactly search engine optimisation can help your business grow, contact Sydney-based digital marketing company, Go Local Marketing.

White Hat SEO

Unlike other marketing agencies who like to cut corners, Go Local Marketing takes extreme pride in using “white hat” optimisation techniques. Typically, search engines like Google and Yahoo! do not take kindly to dubious optimisation methods, resulting in penalties that manifest by ranking low in SERPs—or not ranking at all.

As the SEO agency running your campaign, we ensure that our methodologies are in sync with Google’s algorithm systems. We understand that these algorithms are often subjected to frequent updates, so we always tweak our strategies to accommodate these changes. We tailor our SEO approach according to Google’s recommendations. While there are other search engines in use, statistics indicate that Google commands almost 70% of all online searches. Essentially, if your business is able to rank extremely well on Google, then people will have no trouble finding you.

Go Local Marketing’s Brand of SEO

SEO is among the most essential services we offer, as such, only professionals with years of experience in online marketing and advertising run our campaigns. Our expert team of online marketers optimise the design, structure, linking, coding, and content of your website. We always start each campaign by figuring out what it is exactly your business needs, starting with a talk between you and your SEO consultant. When business goals and optimisation goals are finalised, we then move on to developing a customised SEO campaign to address these goals.

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