Get a Professional Review and Analysis of your Website to Fix Issues that may have a negative impact on your rankings.

Website Audit Services

Even with search engine optimisation implemented for your business’ website, there is no guarantee that it will keep your site visible for long. There will be occasions when your site suddenly takes a dive in visibility for seemingly no apparent reason. When such things happen, you need to quickly diagnose what went wrong so that you can form an action plan to recover from the fall.

Go Local Marketing offers a website audit service that thoroughly analyses your site for any errors or discrepancies. We can discover why your website suddenly dipped in ranking, and formulate a plan to restore its visibility. With our help, you can better maintain your online presence and competitive edge.

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The Basics of Website Audits

Auditing a website is more than just a cursory review of the site as it appears; it also involves examining its very structure. Elements such as links, meta descriptions, page titles, backlinks, URL architecture, and more are analysed if they have any errors. Professional website audits also entail reviewing the content of webpages, checking if there is any duplicate content or faulty keywords that could be pulling the site’s rank down.

The Value of Having Your Website Audited

There is a science to optimising your website; you cannot just “enhance” your site without studying its flaws and hope for the best. If it is your first time implementing search engine optimisation, you are going to need a professional audit that can discover any errors and work to improve your site’s accessibility to customers.

Keeping Up with Search Engine Updates

Even after your first optimisation, you are still going to need the occasional audit, especially after each time a major search engine (such as Google) undergoes an algorithm update. These large updates can drastically change the way search engines crawl through sites, and could unintentionally rank your site lower despite its previous optimisations. Through our auditing services, you can discover how the new updates affect your website, and how you can optimise your site to better adapt to the changes.

Our auditing services can be used in conjunction with our search engine optimisation services. Since our optimisation services lean toward Google, we audit your website to see if it subscribes to Google’s standards. Let us help you make the most out of Google’s updates, instead of letting them limit or lower the potential of your site.